Bolitho Blane,
is he living today among us?

Bolitho Blane was born in 1896 in Hanover. At the beginning of the third Millenium Bolitho Blane was already much older than 100 years. So, is this a stupid question with an quite obvious answer? It's just that during our researches we found mysterious things we cannot otherwise explain but with the assumption that Bolitho Blane is even nowadays living among us. We found phänomenas and accidents that can't be pure accidentally!

For every significant piece that is depreciated in the consciousness and therefore perishes, a compensation in the unconsciousness arises. This happens according to the fundamental law of the preservation of energy, because also our psychic actions are energetic processes. No psychic value can vanish without beeing substituted by an equivalent. werden.

The belief in regeneration or reincarnation is the same age as mankind and draws through all cultures. It is the belief that we do not live on earth for one single life, but have been living here repeatedly and once again will come to life after death. Today wide parts of the human mankind believe in reincarnation, some of the big world religions such as buddhism teach it as a doctrine and even the Christian church mentions the resurrection and survival after the Last Judgement. Such important personalities as the Antique philsophers Pythagoras, Sokrates and Platon have been convinced of reincarnation, as well as personages of the modern times such as Goethe or Schopenhauer.

Bolitho Blane and an arist and painter from Luxembourg:

While researching for the true identity of Bolitho Blane we made the accquaintance of an world-famous painter from Luxembourg, who has quite strong connections to Bolitho Blane. His grandparents were friends of Bolitho Blane and there also exists a photographe with all united. A second photographe dating back to 1949 shows the painter and his parents together with Bolitho Blane (documented under the researches). According to the painter he found many traces of Bolitho Blane all over the world and he collected the leftovers and transformed them into pieces of art. An analysis of the handwriting of Bolitho Blane taken from the book "Murder off Miami" and the handwriting of the artist reveals a degree of equalness that can't be pure accidentally. He personally told us about déjà-vue-moments, about a mysterious power that forced him again and again to visit places where Bolitho Blane has once be living. He told us about leftovers that he found in old wrotten houses and dark garages, leftovers that still had a sticker with the name Bolitho Blane on it like for example a wornout piece of luggage. He told us from persons he met, persons who knew Bolitho Blane and told him quite some stories about him. All that cannot be explained by by means of logical thinking. But when it is true that the spirit does not die, when it is true that the spirit returns into the body of somebody else, wouldn't it be possible that Bolitho Blane is living among us today? Wouldn't it be possible that he uses the body of that world-famous painter to come back where he once lived, to collect the memories of himself and transform them into eternal pieces of art through the skills of this painter. Wouldn't it be quite logical that he tried to get into contact with old friends by touring the Midwest of the U.S.A.?

artistically highlighted luggage of Bolitho Blane
Artistically highlighted luggage
of Bolitho Blane.
Handwriting of Bolitho Blane
Handwriting of Bolitho Blane taken
from the book: "Murder off Miami".
Handwriting of the artist from Luxembourg
Handwriting of the contemporary
artist and painter from Luxembourg.
Leftovers from Bolitho Blane, now a piece of art
Leftovers from Bolitho Blane,
now a piece of art.
The old typewriter of Bolitho Blane
The old typewriter of
Bolitho Blane.
From an exhibition: Leftovers from Bolitho Blane
Leftovers from Bolitho Blane
as found in an old house.

We are convinced, Bolitho Blane is alive and among us!

The book: Murder off Miami
The Book:
Murder off Miami
The researches: Who was Bolitho Blane
The researches:
Who was Bolitho Blane
The speculation: Is Bolitho Blane still alive
The speculation:
Is Bolitho Blane still alive