In search for the TRUTH:

To our mind the novel figure Bolitho Blane is based on a real identity. Therefore we have been tracking his personality for years now. We looked through innumerable documents, examined photo albums, did some research in communities and parishes, and asked some dozen people in quest of witnesses. All this brought us to the conclusion: documents have disappeared, traces have been wiped out - alltogether it looks like someone tried to erase the identity of Bolitho Blane. Two examples that support these presumptions: Bolitho Blane was born in 1896, in the city of Hannover. The register of the city of Hanover for birthes covering the matching time-period has been destroyed in the second World War. War damage or an intentional deed? After his birth Bolitho Blane was baptised evangelic, but the corresponding documents of the church register have been removed somehow. Coincidence? Unfortunately, no eye witnesses are living anymore, so we are dependent on information from second or even third hand, as well as hints that are reported to us by hearsay.

Bolitho BlaneAs far as we know this picture has an authentical character.
It shows Bolitho Blane on the left side in company with
Virginie Steffen and Joseph Kugener.
The photo was taken in 1940 in Luxembourg.

These are the updated results of our research:
ist dies ein weiteres Photo von Bolitho Blane? This could be another photograph of Bolitho Blane (left side of the picture). The other persons on the picture are Elisabeth Kugener-Brandenburger and Marcel Brandenburger with their son Robert.
Today, Robert Brandy is a successful, famous painter and artist living in Luxemburg. The photograph was taken in 1949 in Bertrange, Luxemburg.

Bolitho Blane in einem Darmont-MORGAN, 1922
This photo was only played in our hands shortly.
As we got told, it shows Bolitho Blane in a Morgan No 73.
The shot originates the year 1922 showing a race in Nimes, France.

Should you have any other knowledge about the life or person of Bolitho Blane, we would be delighted if you contacted us:

Address: "Who is Bolitho Blane"-Society,
World-wide Tracing Team,
PO-Box 15216,
Nova Scottia.

The book: Murder off Miami
The Book:
Murder off Miami
The researches: Who was Bolitho Blane
The researches:
Who was Bolitho Blane
The speculation: Is Bolitho Blane still alive
The speculation:
Is Bolitho Blane still alive