book: Murder off Miami

Murder off Miami
A murder mystery presented by Dennis Wheatley
planned by J.G.Links

Published in 1936 for the Crime-Book Society by


WE have pleasure in presenting to the public, between these covers, what we believe to be an entirely new departure in Crime Fiction.

Cablegrams, original handwritten documents, photographs, police reports, criminal records, and even actual clues in the form of human hair, a piece of blood-stained curtain, etc., are all contained in this folder, each in its correct order as received at police headquarters, thereby forming the complete Dossier of a crime.

The mystery is presented to the public in exactly the same sequence as that in which it was unravelled by the investigating officer, without any extraneous or misleading matter; photographs of living people taking the place of the descriptions of characters which appear in an ordinary detective novel. Clues to the identity of the murderer are scattered liberally through the investigating officer's reports, and are also to be found in the photographs.

memo letter from Bolitho Blane

On reaching the end of the investigating officer's fifth report all the available evidence is to hand, yet he finds himself unable to solve the mystery. He then receives instructions to arrest the murderer from his superior, who has never seen any of the people concerned, but reaches the correct solution of the mystery solely upon the evidence in Dossier form, exactly as it is presented to you here.

blood-stained curtain

Piece of blood-stained curtain, as shown in the book.

Clues in the form of cigarettes, a matchstick and human hair.

hair a pair of matches
The fingerprints of the Murderer?
The Fingerprints of the
true Bolitho Blane??

The murderer's confession as to how the crime was committed follows, and the clues which enabled the officer at headquarters to fasten the crime upon him.

Some of the persons in the MURDER MYSTERY:
Lady Welter Hon. R. Jocelyn Ferry Rocksavage Count Luigi Posodini
Lady Welter Hon. R. Jocelyn Ferry Rocksavage Count Luigi Posodini

We hope that you will find the story a good one and wish you lots of fun in deciding who you will arrest for the "MURDER OFF MIAMI."

S.Y. Golden GullAre there some hidden hints regarding the life of the true Bolitho Blane?
It is without doubt that Bolitho Blane spoke fluently chinese!

We dedicate this original presentation of a Crime Story to Walter Hutchinson, who always has the courage to back a new author of promise or a new idea.

Dennis Wheatley

Signature of Bolitho Blane
The Signature of the TRUE Bolitho Blane?

The book: Murder off Miami
The Book:
Murder off Miami
The researches: Who was Bolitho Blane
The researches:
Who was Bolitho Blane
The speculation: Is Bolitho Blane still alive
The speculation:
Is Bolitho Blane still alive